• Home & Small business Network Services

  • Connecting to the Internet, home network, office network or wireless router shouldn’t be a frustrating experience.
    Let our computer specialists take care of the networking for you.

  • Setup a Wireless Network

    We can setup your home or office network to allow you to share an internet connection between all your mobile devices, laptops, printer, PVR etc. Allowing you to share files like documents and spreadsheets or online computer games, gaming consoles,
    streaming music, videos and even video conferencing for when your work colleges or family are apart.

    • Setup a network between your computers & devices
    • Enable shared printers
    • Setup network sharing
    • Connect networkable devices 

    Network troubleshooting

    Our superior network services can fix your unreliable connections, speed up your home / office network connections or other
    performance issues. Our technicians are equipped with the tools and knowledge to evaluate your wireless network and
    resolve the causes of poor reception, slow transfers, and lost connections. 

    Home / Office Network Security

    Our IT specialists will make sure your wireless network is secured against prying neighbours and identity thieves with the
    latest encryption techniques and / or software.

    With all of the personal and business information stored on computers today, there is nothing more important than making sure
    they’re secure. LNS Computers can help you protect your financial records, documents, personal emails, photos, and other
    private data from prying eyes and identity thieves.

    We will make sure your systems are safe and secure from unauthorised access by configuring the default administrator user name and passwords, set up SSID (a unique network ID), enable wireless encryption using a WPA2 security key allowing for the highest level of encryption for your modem / router and installing the appropriate security software.