• This easy-to-use service that we provide will get your computer or device up and running, hassle free.
    As long as your computer is able to connect to the internet, we can remotely access your system at a
    time that is convenient for you and assist you with repair, diagnosis and /or training.

    While not every problem can be rectified remotely, we have found that many issues can be addressed
    without our technician having to come out to your home or business.

    Please call or email us to schedule a Remote Support appointment.
    Our experienced technician will instruct you on how to connect to a remote session.

    To enable us to connect to your computer, please click the download button below to download our
    remote control software. Once download is complete, please click run and install the provided
    software. You will need to provide us with your ID once installation is complete.

    Reminder: You must have internet access to the computer or device that you need us to log into.



  • Our Service Pricing: 

    No Contract:

    $55.00 per hour - Remote assistance

    12 Month Contract:

    $35.00 per hour - Remote assistance